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The Merry Month of Masturbation-Wrap Party!

For the third year in a row, I have completed the mmom, Merry Month of Masturbation Challenge to write 31 wank!fics in 31 days. Cheering and partying may now commence.

I honestly did not intend to do it this year, and although I've continued to make progress on my novel, the challenge did pretty much take over my life. Aside from that other situation that was taking over my life at the same time, and which I honestly don't think I could have gotten through without the distraction of needing to produce a fic every day.

Thanks to everyone who provided prompts, everyone who read or commented on a fic (or will in the future) and especially thanks to EVERYONE who did beta for me, usually on very short notice. You guys rock and deserve special love and credit:
haldane (who was temporarily uncredited due to my coding stupidity.)

31 Stories
15083 Words
15 Fandoms (including all RPS/RPF as one fandom and original fiction as one fandom.)
Most popular story: Intermission
Certainly a surprise to me. Apparently the idea of Stephen Fry getting turned on watching Monsters Vs Aliens has a lot of appeal.

By my count, there are 17 titles that are either song titles or references to song lyrics. Identify them all and win yourself a drabble!

01. Detachment
Torchwood-Jack/Owen (reference to Gwen and Ianto)-100 Words-Rating-PG13

02. Life Without Care
Life On Mars-Sam/Gene-1300 Words-Rating-R

03. Identity Crisis
Reservoir Dogs-Mr. Orange-120 Words-Rating-R

04. Intermission
RPS-Stephen Fry/Hugh Laurie (includes reference to Sig. Other)-200 Words-Rating-PG13

05. Method Acting
Original fiction-Kitty Collins/”Roger from Houston”-1375 Words-Rating-NC17

06.The Wrong Man
Alias-Sydney/Sark-200 Words-Rating-R

07.Sounds Like a Whisper
State of Play-Anne/Cal/Stephen-100 Words-Rating-PG13

08. One Night With You
House MD-House/Wilson (BDSM imagery) 1290 Words-Rating-NC17

09. Left In The Dark
Torchwood-Jack/Gwen-325 Words-Rating-R

10. Love and Shame
Heroes-Peter/Nathan-100 Words-Rating R (includes dub-con, underage, incest.)

11.Once In Every Lifetime
RPF-Cliff Richard/Elvis Presley. (Includes references to Olivia Newton John and Laurence Harvey)-700 Words-Rating-PG13

12.A Bit of Privacy
Life On Mars-Gene/Sam-320 Words-Rating-R

13. Just Another Show
House MD-House /Wilson (references to House/Cuddy, Wilson/Girlfriend)-700 Words-Rating-R

14. Fortunate Son
Firefly-Wash/Zoe-100 Words-Rating-PG13

15.Thin Walls
Spooks/MI5-Zoe/Danny/Annette-100 Words-Rating-NC17

16. Triplicate
Torchwood-Gwen/Rhys, Jack, Ianto-300 Words-Rating-R (includes violence)

17. Scientfic Method
Bones-Brennan/?-100 Words-Rating-PG13

18.That’s My Desire
Bones-Gordon Wyatt/Lance Sweets-340 Words-Rating-R

19. Help Yourself
Ashes To Ashes-Alex/Chris-420 Words-Rating-R

20.In The Morning, When I Rise
NCIS-Fornell/Gibbs-100 Words-Rating-PG13

21.A Beggar or a Knave
Torchwood-Jack/Owen (mentions of others)-1300 Words-Rating-NC17

22.Some Comfort
House MD-Wilson/Chase-300 Words-Rating-PG13

23.Look At Me
RPF-Sandra Dee-100 Words-Rating-PG

24. Violation
Torchwood/Dr. Who-Jack/Capt. John/Doctor-(Rape fantasy)-100 Words-Rating-R

25. No Safety or Surprise
RPS-John Barrowman/David Tennnant-2550 Words-Rating-R

26.Ordinary World
Heroes-Noah/Angela-850 Words-Rating R

27.Watching The Detectives
Life On Mars-Ray/Gene/Sam-500 Words-Rating NC17

28. Consequences
CSI-NY-Mac/Danny-100 Words-Rating-PG13

29. Double Dare
Torchwood-Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen (not J/I friendly)-200 Words-Rating R

30. This Property Is Condemned
State of Play-Cal/Dominic-500 Words-Rating R

31. Such a Night
Punditslash-Rachel Maddow/Ana Marie Cox (includes references to other pundits and politicians)-913 Words-Rating R

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