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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

This kind of cracks me up, although I certainly agree with the cause.

I signed up to do a 5-K on July 4. I figured it was just some fund-raiser for the SFPD because all I really noticed in the initial email was "Run for Law Enforcement"

I totally didn't get that it was A Benefit for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

So basically, the run is a benefit for an organization of cops who are in favor of abolishing all the drug laws! Whooooooo-hoooooooo!!!

I especially like the T-shirt for the run, which has my friend Ivan somewhat mortified. (Ivan is a Marine, and the kind of Republican who basically doesn't fit into the party anymore...let's say the Rockefeller Wing, if there still were such a thing.)

T-Shirt can be seen here

Here is the actual LEAP website.
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