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Resurrection meme

Because it's either a meme or another post about the tedium of playing nurse (and not in a fun way.)

Ganked from mad_jaks.

Name 5 dead characters you'd like to see resurrected.

1. Torchwood-Owen Harper & 2.Toshiko Sato (and 3. real!Jack) FUCK YOU RTD, FUCK YOU RTD, FUCK YOU RTD!!!

3. Alias-Jack Bristow.

4. Spooks/MI5-Danny Hunter-Killing Danny off so soon after losing Zoe was just so unnecessary and felt like it was being done to make room for the Adam & Fiona show.

5. House MD-John House-Yeah, seriously. Much as I loved the angst of Birthmarks, I'd love to have the old bastard back as a presence in House's life and to get a chance to clear his name of the slander leveled at him (and Blythe) by the crack monkeys. And because R. Lee Ermy ROCKS!

Crackfic bunny going cheap...what if they manage to "cure" House of seeing Amber, but instead DAD shows up?
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