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Hubby had a doctor's appointment today.

He's now got 30 degrees of separation of motion in his leg, which means he can finally bend it. This has to be a relief. Still no weight-bearing, but I don't have to be quite as paranoid about it as I have been. The bone is probably ok, but apparently his doctor said we don't want to get the cartillege upset. I know I wouldn't want to.

Dinner with Mom tomorrow night. Stress. Stress. Stress. I'm going to meet her at her hotel and cab back to the Mission. Hubby will make a one block journey to Il Cantuccio and we'll eat there, then I'll make sure she gets a cab back to the hotel. Hopefully conversation with focus on my poor injured husband and not on our respective literary careers.

Three months and I can tell you how much I reallyreallyreally want to have a piece of coffee cake from Tully's and a big cup of Earl Grey with milk and sugar. Reallyreallyreally.


But I did get in about a 1/2 hour walk along the Embarcadero yesterday, and am about to try to do it again.

I'm not sure if you remember This fabulous opportunity to be a glorified serf, but they've just announced that two people were actually hired for the position, one of whom is actually from my region. Good luck guys. I hope they're paying you enough to make it worth it.

It's been a nice three days working Deb. That's my fellow Housefrau/Barrowmania recruit. I've given her my Bit of Fry and Laurie DVDs along with Empty Child/The Doctor Dances. She's a lot more forgiving of the rubbish that has passed for the last few seasons than I am, but when I point out the character insconsistencies, she's always like, "Oh, yeah! I never thought of that."

Mostly she just adores Hugh Laurie, and who could argue with that? She's never seen any of the Boffle sketches, but she is very Brit-savvy, so I think she'll enjoy them immensely. And I can wait to hear what she thinks of real!Jack.
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