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And in other medical news....Psycho-sis is back in the hospital

When I went there last week to drop money, I knew she didn't look good and she said she couldn't get up, but I thought that meant she couldn't really stand up or walk, but that she could get from the couch to the wheelchair. Apparently not. I'm now second guessing the decision to move her back to the apartment, but according to Hubby, the visiting nurse agreed that it was the best thing to do. On the other hand, the social worker was very much against it. I'm very frustrated and still a little angry that I was in the position of doing anything at all.

So the deal is that they're going to get her into a program at Laguna Honda where they'll do some rehab for the deterioration she suffered at the board and care and hopefully at least get her able to stand and walk a little. Honestly, I don't know what's going on.


Did anybody notice Rachel Maddow take a little swing at the President last night? I'm pretty sure she was referring to the bit on the NBC "Inside the Whitehouse" show, where the President said that when he's watching TV at night, he doesn't watch Fox or MSNBC because it's like "WWE" and everybody has to play their part, so he didn't find the conversations very enlightening. I think he mentioned Olbermann by name. So Rachel IIRC, basically accused him of "mischaracterizing the moderate cable news channel." Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, I love you and Keith et al to death, but "moderate?" NOT SO MUCH. That's why I love you.

Both Rachel and Keith have been amazing this week in their coverage of the murder of George Tiller in Kansas, both of them calling it "terrorism" and "assassination" and making sure that the connections between the accused killer and the organizations that fostered this kind of behaviour are clear.

Rachel had one doctor on who basically talked nonstop through his whole segment but was awesome. He's the one who said that only difference between the radical anti-abortion movement and the Taliban is 8000 miles.
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