karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Wanna buy a dirty book?

The Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions

This is the anthology I sold some smut too all those many moons ago. It has now seen the light of day, if anyone is interested.

My "nom de plume" for this epic is "Kitty," although there is absolutely nothing "On the beach" about the piece I wrote, so that's completely screwed up in the ad copy. My contribution is titled: "Getting The Job," or at least it was when I wrote it.

I really do need to look into selling something else, somewhere. I mean if I can (ahem) crank out 31 wank!fics, I ought to be able to meet submission requirements for something else.

Meanwhile...back to work on the novel...except there's two gift fics I have to get done, but I think I can make serious headway this weekend.
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