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More news

The Torchsong organisers have sent us the following message:

Hello everyone

Please take a deep breath! John Barrowman will be joining us, just not
in person. He was badly injured as was stated on his website, but being the trooper
that he is, he will join us via SkyChat.

We have tried to post this to the site, but the server has crashed due to heavy traffic.

John is working on pulling together a great cabaret and show for those
of you coming Saturday night.

He will also be talking Saturday and Sunday at the show. He will he able
to take questions and answer them directly. The feed is two-way and he will know
who is asking those questions.

We hope you all will join us for this exciting event.


I'm sure they're trying hard, but the bottom line is going to be a lot of people who are now going to have paid some big bucks to see John on a TV screen. Or maybe a movie screen, but still...
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