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I used to have a life; now I have House

Two House moments from my recent existence:

When I was at the Mint last night, my buddy Big Frank, who is also the Saturday afternoon KJ, comes over to have a chat. Frank has had some yucky medical issues this year involving his liver and none of the doctors were ever able to come up with a good explanation. He told me that had finally diagnosed Celiac Disease and being a good little Housefrau, I immediately said "Oh, that means you can't absorb wheat!". I didn't mention the psychosis and baby-smothering.
As a side note, Frank is aware of my slashy literary activity and advised me that he has been inspired to write some RPS involving Forest Whitaker and Kenan Thompson. I immediately offered my services as beta and all-around cheerleader.

So there I am at Walgreens, wasting time at the magazine rack before I have to come back to The Desk Of Doom, when I spot the new TV Guide and nearly pass out. Yummy hugh on the front surrounded by the interest assortment of Omar, RSL and J-Mo, with Jesse and Lisa E. off to the side. Lise E. looks fabulous. I'm not sure if Jesse looks cute, dorky, or adorkable. The bangs aren't really working for me...or maybe it's the color...I don't know if he's darkening it or the lighting is making him look like one non-blond.

I gotta say, I think Jen looks good. As we all know from "All In," red is her color. She's got a come-hither thing going on with the camera. So I grab two copies--one for reading and drooling--and head to the checkout counter. The check-out guy looks at my two copies and looks at her and says "She's pretty." I ask if he watches the show, and he says "sometimes". I ask if he thinks they're going to get together, and he's like, (I'm assuming) "What the hell do I care, get out of here you crazy woman." Then he wants to know when the show is on, so I asks if watches Idol, and he does. I mention that it's on Tuesday, after Idol, at least this week and then we're tortured for another three.

My favorite quote from the article, which will amuse those of you who remember the end of my first Hugh&Bobby RPS story, which strangely enough can be found right HERE is this one:

"Playing Dr. James Wilson, House's frequent sounding board, Leonard generally maintains a light work schedule yet still gets to say he's on the hottest medical show this side of Grey's Anatomy"
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