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Ashes To Ashes-Series 2, Episode 6-Play by Play

Awesome opening. Is that a specific run that they do (or did) in London where people ran in costume, or is that sort of thing common? Or was it just something they made up?

I’m still having trouble with the time line. She’s JUST got to the hospital, so the whole first 8 eps and these 5 up until now are still just from the shooting to the hospital arrival? Was Sam’s time that drawn out? No because he was already in a coma and in the hospital, right?

Dead body floating along…hee!

OH GOD, ALEX…is there any way for the writers to show us her “sensitivity” without making me want start slapping her? Yeah, I get it, you’re the nice one and the others are louts. STFU ALEX. You’re actually making me like Ray for a few seconds there.

Dear Powers That Be…please do not screw up my Chris/Shaz love by putting them into a bunch of clichéd situations starting with Chris getting cold feet and Shaz wanting a dress that Chris can’t afford. Please please please.

Liberace/Valentino…HEE! And who ever thinks sending Ray and Chris out by themselves is a good idea. (You’d think after last week Ray would be a bit more cautious about who and what he’s ogling.)

More confusion…aside from the dissonance of playing the wife for comedy, between not believing and seing the body, is she just a really bad actress or are we supposed to be suspicious of her? Cause she’s still totally coming off like a sketch comedy character. I could see Catherine Tate in the part. (And how much would I love to see Catherine Tate playing any part where she could go up against Gene Hunt?)

Hello 80’s stereotypical financial type, along with bad skin, teeth and cockney accent. (Or is that something else?) Either the big bad or a red herring, but definitely viscerally unappealing, thereby making us happy when Gene goes into full-on GUV mode.

Chris/Shaz….AWWWW!!!! It’s still sort of cliché stuff, but in this scene they actually sold it. The actors are amazing when they get the quiet stuff. I don’t know where they got Montserrat Lombard, but she’s a gem.

Alex/Ray at the car….I know everyone’s rooting for the Alex/Gene sex/snog whatever that seems inevitable, and I’m not going to say I don’t want it for the HOT, but I’m really tempted to ship Alex/Ray for the hate!sex and to sort of subvert the obvious. (Sort of the way I ship Sam/Chris for the hurt/comfort.) Because he does kind of want to figure out what she’s talking about. He desperately needs approval from ALL his parental figures and if he can’t get it from Gene, he needs it that much more from Alex.

AH HAH! I knew the wife was bogus.

Alex is being way too calm, if she really thinks she’s going to die. What happened to “keep on fighting?”

See, the more Gene actually sees of how screwy Alex appears to be (even if it’s still all her POV…WHATEVER) the less I think he’d actually have sex with her. I don’t know if it was a double standard with Sam or if Sam at some point appeared to be holding it together, at least after he made the decision and came back.

BRONSKI BEAT!!!!!! Whoooo-hoooooo!

Chris & Ray---the two stooges, but kind of adorable in their ineptitude. I hope they at least get one crowning moment of awesome before the series is over.

ALEX…with the envelopes? OH PU-LEASE. You are so freaking full of yourself.
Are we going to hear what she wrote in the last episode?

Beating up the Guv? You do NOT want to do that.

Moody Gene smoking in the cell. Mrrrrowwww. Can some one make me an icon of that shot?

“It’s OK to be scared.” STFU ALEX!!!

Nice Ray/Alex scene. Oh Ray….someone really does need to write Ray/Alex for me.

Scrapyard Gene. OH YEAH!

Yeah, I figured they were psyching out Dad. Very Law & Order.

And the moral is: Never tell your father about an insurance scam.

Plot point confusion…who hired the thugs to beat up Gene and Alex? Was that Riley or the old man?

OH CHRIS AND SHAZ! I put up with schmoop from you that I wouldn't tolerate from anyone else.

And just because it feels good: STFU ALEX

As we dance off to Hot In The City!

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