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I cracked last night. After about three months, one week, I'm back into the sugar. I haven't hit the caffeine yet, but it could still happen.

On the other hand, I went out and did about five miles this morning.

I went to the Mint--Donatello's birthday. Only two songs, both in my lower register: Sixteen Tons and Sundown.

Mostly I wrote and wrote and wrote--something kind of dark and borderline sick in the House fandom. I'm liking it a lot. Any potential beta volunteers, if my Alpha Beta and my Beta Beta are not available? It has spoilers through most of the 5th season, although it takes place before the events leading up to the finale.

I'm also going to need a Heroes Beta for another bday fic---probably for very quick turnaround toward the end of the week.

For some reason, we're watching a lot of M*A*S*H lately. Reruns on Nick at Nite and Ion both from the early episodes with Trapper (I LOVE TRAPPER) and some of the Mid-period Colonel Potter/BJ ones. We even wound up tivo-ing the movie when they showed it on the History Channel. OMG!!! Tom Skerrit, John Schuck, Donald Sutherland, Elliot Gould and Bobby Troup in a jeep.

Dinner with Mom on Thursday was pretty cool. She was a good person to talk to (on the cab ride from her hotel to the Mission) about the stresses of dealing with a sick/injured husband. We did talk about writing, but more the mechanics or the process rather than any publishing details, so that was ok.
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