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Ashes to Ashes-Series 2-Episode 7-Play by Play

OK, Alex, you’re still annoying me, but you do get a YAY for the timely rescue.

Would they really be able to get the body out of the concrete and still have it looking so good? Just wondering.

And nice cool moment for the ME. “Sorry if I’m interfering with your pressing social engagement.” Hee!

All together now…STFU ALEX!!!! (You’re not fucking going anywhere, so stop it already. You’re just embarrassing me and yourself.)

“He was going to bleed on him until he begged for mercy.” Hee Ray. (I am going to write you some Ray/Alex. I can see it coming. God help us all.)

Gene, I love you and I can ship you with pretty much anyone, but get your paws off Shaz. That one actually creeped me out a bit. (I who refuses to accept “father figure” as any kind of an excuse against a ship.) So if I think about it for two seconds, I will start shipping it and I honestly don’t want to.

Good job finding a “young Boris” but the fact that the young one has regional accent and the older one sounded Standard London to me (IIRC) sort of spoils the effect. (Unless that’s going to play into it later. Yes, I know people can lose their accents. I also know I’m doing this with American ears and I could be completely wrong.

Uh oh. Dumb and dumber on the road again. But they did manage to bring the suspect in without too much embarrassment.

Oh sure, Alex. Why not go meet someone ALONE….in the dark…at the same place (?) where the body was found. How hugely can I roll my eyes.

OK---THIS IS DIFFERENT---Although not really…Sam did meet young Sam. Also NOW Alex decides you can’t change history?

And she is now officially a fucking idiot. (Mostly for messing up that nice coat.)

Creepy dream is creepy. Is that the same actress play mom?

Nice clean-up job on the jacket. (Sam’s jacket should meet Alex’s jacket…leather sex ensues.)


“I’ll be very very angry.” (Ooh. Will you punish me? Please?)

Just out of curiousity…how/why did Ray get all back in the good graces, since he is/was still (presumably) a Mason, and we know that Gene doesn’t have a whole lot of fondness for them and was only trying to get in to bust the corruption ring, no?

And again with the out of Alex POV stuff. GRRRRRR!!!

YAY SHAZ-Funny handshake brigade. (I thought she meant the Masons, but maybe just accusing him of being on the take.)

Devastating attractive air of mystery. (So right, Gene, so right.)

More broody Gene porn.

CHRIS???!!!!!! No. I don’t believe it.

Chris!!!!!! Waaaaaaahhhhhhh. My little puppy dog. 

The acting is amazing! All around. Marshall, Philip, and yes, you too Keeley. Absolutely stunning.

Jail isn’t your sentence, Chris. I am! Brrrrrrrrr!!!!

*pets Chris*

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