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The sky is grey and so am I.

Or just blah.

Now that I'm back on the sugar, I'm far more prone to glucose enabled mood-swings. Once I have my Tully's fix, I'll probably be bouncing off the walls and may even have a bit of joy, but for now I'm contemplating every bit of my day at the Desk of Doom with gloom and dread.


Please note that my Comment Pr0n Meme is still open and people are writing me wonderful, wonderful smut in multiple fandoms, including some smokin' RPS, and one AMAZING crossover...DUDES!!! Jack/Chase BDSM...HELLOOOOO! Go. Read. Give love. And if anyone is moved to do the meme, I promise I will write for you.


Random lyric prompt, or just the way I'm feeling...

Dreamers with empty hands, they sigh for exotic lands.
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