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Wow! A Torchwood S3 promo shot that doesn't require a emesis basin!

Thanks to hllangel for brightening up my day by bringing this to my attention.

I'm not canceling the wake or anything, but here's yet another piece of wreckage for the real!Jack believers to cling to:


I wonder how this even managed to get out, considering how avid the early spoilers and promos have been to cater to the Anti-Ship fandom.

Tell me how this shows anything like Jack being all about Ianto, Jack NOT wanting/loving Gwen, and especially Ianto being OK with Jack's desire to lay hands on Gwen. (It doesn't matter whether Gwen is interested or not. It's Jack's hands, I'm concerned with.) I swear, it could be fan art for Intervention or Laughter In The Hub. Jack has a free hand. If he wanted to touch Ianto, he could. They could at least have made it suggestive of J/I/G, but no. That is clinging Ianto and Jack only touching Gwen. (Can anyone say WLB and BUFT?)

I'm still sure the CA&C (Character Assassination and Castration) is going on as planned, but the fact this is being photographed and distributed along with the schmoopy-oopy twu-wuvvvy puke-fest stuff means they're at least acknowledging that there's something besides the Anti-ship. (At least the publicity department, not necessarily RTD.)

Temporary happy-dancing ensues. (Stalkers may commence snarking.)
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