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Social life

Hubby and I don't do a lot of social stuff. With his current schedule, we basically only have Saturdays as "us" days. Plus we only have a few friends that I'd consider "couple" friends. Mostly we go to brunch and then stay in watching DVDs (while I'm working on fanfic.) Maybe we go to a movie. We can go weeks without interacting with anyone who's not taking an order for French Toast.

This weekend we suddenly got all social.

#1. My friend Ivan, who I worked with at Getz Travel and who is sort of responsible for getting me into running. Celebrating his birthday with a hang out and eat pizza with friends thing at his apartment in the Haight. Very nice, mellow, laid back.

Of course I managed to lose my cellphone in the cab on the way over, which I didnt' realize till I went looking for it because I wanted to see if Donatello had called me so we could arrange transport to....

#2. Dee Dee, the Monday night KJ at the Mint had a big "black & white" semi-formal dress birthday party at Broadway Studios in North Beach. Matt doesn't know Dee, and isn't much on the dress up thing. It was touch and go up to the last minute, but he did wind up going with me up to the Mint to meet my karaoke bud Donatello who was decked out in a tux with pink shirt.

Also ran into my old karaoke buddy, Kelly Girl, who now lives up in Oregon and has a kid, but is still the queen of TMI. The first night I ever met her, with in the first five minutes I knew about her new piercing and where it was and how much it hurt. Last night in the first five minutes, I knew she'd been to the Power Exchange and where she had bruises and how much they hurt.

After showing myself in my new black and white dress with mucho cleavage and getting all my boys to ooh and aaah, we went to the party. A bunch of Mint people were there, as well as Dee Dee in a totally gorgeous green strapless number. Hung out, schmoozed. Then Dee appeared with her band doing in another beautiful dress, this one blue and sparkly. Hubby and I danced, which we haven't done in years. Probably since my sister's wedding.

It was fun. Not the best night ever, but fun. Nice to get out and do something different. I even drank Coca-cola to keep myself awake. I've been mostly clean of caffeine for months and I totally paid the price with a caffeine withdrawl headache this morning.

#3-When you're married to a nurse on night shift, things tend to revolve around that. Sundays I wake up and make breakfast and hubby has to be asleep by about 1PM. We don't go out because it's harder for him to get back to sleep if he's been out in the sun. Except today, after I ran out for some groceries to cook with, I came home and he was talking to my friend Peggy, one of the karaoke pals that he really likes. I think he has a crush her. (So do I.) She was up and about and we all decided to have brunch together at Platanos.

Another really nice time.

This may be more socializing than we do for the next six months, but it was fun.

P.S.Posting my H/W angstapalooza tonight.
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