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The finale, finally-Ashes to Ashes-Series 2-Episode 8-Play by Play

OMG---The Gene Genie reading children’s stories. I’ve seen youtube clips of Glenister doing this, but him doing it as Gene is beyond awesome.

So is the fact that Alex has the infection on top of the actual gun-shot a parallel to Sam having the tumor as well as just the injury from the car accident.

POOR CHRIS!!! Marshall’s acting is just so good.

Chip shop…pulling me todger. A OH MY GOD….Ray biting into….EWWWWW!!! Does this follow up on the Ray flirting with the Pre-op in terms of trying to undermine his convictions about his heterosexuality or is it just a gross-out joke?

“That’s French.”
“Sorry, I’m under pressure.”

“You could do with something stiff inside you.” Whoah!

Seriously. It’s not that I don’t see chemistry (although not Sam/Gene level) but given how obviously batshit she is and how clearly Gene seems to know it, I’m going to be mightily uncomfortable if they do “go there” by the end of this episode.

Whoooooohoooooo! Alex/Ray…No, not just to be contrary…ok, maybe a little…but they’ve really been the developing relationship for the last series, and he wouldn’t care how crazy she was. Plus they’ve got such a messed up power dynamic.

Awwwww. Either they were having him or she lied to be nice. You go Alex. They’re bastards, but she’s nice for telling him. Also…the clothing is much better today. No gross belts in evidence, and no bra sightings.

Can I have a Guv icon saying “Liberace’s Love Child?”

Hello Miss Swoony blonde. Clearly Gene is not impressed. “You don’t remember me.” Did we see her in A2A? I don’t remember her either.

This dialogue is mega-awesome: “I’m into bondage and you are giving me a stiffie.” Alex’s unconscious is doing a bang-up job this week.

Swoony girl basically speaks for all the Gene Hunt fangirls and then gets to be even more of a Mary Sue by claiming she “can’t do it,” and going all girly when Gene calls her a “beautiful woman.

“Beautiful woman do don’t do this with me.”

Ah but don’t we all want to? (And assuming this can be accounted to Alex’s mind, doesn’t she want to?)

Operation Rose….so the early Diana stuff was red herring?

Gene gets the tape. Gene plays the tape.

“If I mean anything to you…” GUH

OH MY GOD!!!! She’s telling him, and invoking Sam!!!!

Glenister’s acting is stunning as he tries to absorb, but…..

He can’t/won’t believe it. Which figures and makes sense for Gene, but….Awwwwww.

More Awwwwww for Chris/Shaz. (I’m getting worried about Chris again.)

Alex & Shaz go all Cagney & Lacey.

I still don’t trust Swoony Girl. I hope Gene doesn’t either, but maybe they have to give him a snogging/sex scene at some point and they know that they can’t do the Gene/Alex.


“First Sam Tyler and now you. Why do I always attract the liars and the weirdos.”

OH GENE!!! Obviously still hurting over Sam…(maybe the fact the he ended up marrying Annie…or just the fact that he died?)

ROXY MUSIC SQUEEEEE!!!! From my favorite album in the world. And the song…”While my heart is still beating.” OMG---Poor Alex. This is brilliant, because as much as I’ve wanted to slap the woman silly, right now I do care about her.

And Gene of course. So here comes Swoony Girl in the tight jeans. Photographed so that he just looks massive and ready to grab her, and make all our swoony Gene-fangirl-fantasies come true…..

ARRRRGGGHHHH---So, is it really happening or is Alex now having our fangirl fantasies for us?

Return of the ugly belt. Sam was so much luckier in the Sartorial Splendour department.

“I love the sweet spot.” OH GENE…If I were your beta and I heard you say that….

The whole heist scene….writing, direction, acting…just textbook yummy brilliant.

“You’ve just been Quattro-ed.”


I knew Swoony Girl was rubbish. Still not sure if Gene slept with her or not.

“Such an angry man, but in the end it was peaceful.” Is that…?

No, I guess not…Awesome ending and great set-up for the next series.

Seriously…for all my various bitching along the way…That Was Perfect.
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