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Story Spark Meme

Ganked from topaz_eyes

List/link to sources of inspiration for 5 fanfics you've written. Sources can be books, articles, films, music, or any other creative endeavor. Then tag 5 others to do the same. (Of course, tagging is optional.)

You may consider yourself tagged, if you wish to be so.

Heat Wave, one of my Hugh/Bobby fics, partially inspired by This Interview given by Robert Sean Leonard.

All About Rachel-my yuletide Pundit-RPF/RPS extravaganza, partially inspired by Keith Olbermann's Special Comment about Prop 8

Life Without Care-Life on Mars-Sam/Gene fic-inspired by This delicious picture of Philip Glenister.

As You Are-House/Chase dark!fic, inspired in a totally twisted way by Sonny/Carly hate!sex on General Hospital.

Clouds In My Coffee, my first ever Jack/Ianto fic, inspired by John Barrowman's recording of You're So Vain
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