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Time for a Desk of Doom rant.

It's the third Tuesday of the month, i.e. Conference Call Day. Oh joy. Oh rapture.

So, I'm on the conference call, not really paying attention to anything that's being said, and I notice my phone is ringing and ringing and ringing and it's the same extension, calling and hanging up, over and over.

My Spidey sense tells me it must be something important, so I put the conference call on hold and picked up the phone and it was Stupid Lady. This particular admin works my last good nerve on a regular basis by feigning absolute stupidity about everything and saying shit like, "Oh, you guys are so good to me. I don't know what I'd do without you. I don't understand any of this." In this cloying, little girl voice that makes my head explode. She's also an incredibly evil back-stabber who will point the finger at us if anything ends up going wrong.

Apparently she'd been calling for twenty minutes and sent Steve an email about needing a car service for a client in Milpitas, but when she didn't receive an answer AND no one picked up, she just kept calling, instead of either calling our After Hours service, or picking up the phone and calling a cab or a car service herself.

I made calls to three different limo companies and the best anyone could do was half an hour, but she'd insisted that I find a ride for them in ten minutes so they could make a noon meeting in San Jose. When I called back to advise that it wasn't going to happen, she said she had a cab company on the phone and we left it there.

I'm now completely paranoid that she's going to call the Travel Manager and try and get us in trouble for either not answering the phone sooner, Steve not answering her email, or what quite possibly might have been my less than obsequious tone when she was telling me the car HAD to be there in ten minues, AFTER SHE KEPT CALLING US FOR TWENTY FUCKING MINUTES AND NOT GETTING AN ANSWER!!!

Buy a clue, Stupid Lady.

OK, by a show of fingers...how many times would any of you guys have called BEFORE deciding that for one reason or another you weren't going to get an answer and you might wish to take other action to avoid a total disaster?
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