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Take my hand, take my PIMP POST too....

Community Pimpage:

As I mentioned yesterday: maddow_cox, a pundit-femslash community devoted to shipping Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox. If you're a Rachel fan who finds the whole RPS thing a bit squicky, there's also maddow_kicks, which is a comm exclusively about the wonderfulness of Ms. Maddow.

Thanks to persiflage_1, I am now aware that there is a shipping community for the awesome pairing of Jack Harkness and Martha Jones. jackmartha. Not a whole lot of action, but some good fic posted, and this is definitely a pairing that deserves more love.

And a reminder that omni_fiction is still very much open for business. Any fandom, any pairing, any kinks you may have up your sleeve and no need to warn for the specifics. Old fic, new fic, recs are all welcome. The only ratings we use are Green/Yellow/Red. Think of it as fanfic for adults of all ages. Please consider joining as a reader, as well. We're looking for more members and lots of diversity in fandoms.

A personal pimp note for ppth_support, the House MD fic community devoted to the guest stars and supporting characters. We have a weekly drabble challenge and this weeks episode is "Failure to Communicate." If you've always wanted to write a story about what might have been going on between Fletcher and his editor, or a vignette about Stacy's mom, this is your chance.


Fic reading has been sparse lately, due to a major flurry of fic-writing, but I'm always eager to know about fics that will make me happy, and which I will therefore wish to pimp to the Teeming Millions. I think we all know what makes me happy.

The follow bits of awesomeness were written for my Comment Pr0n Meme, which is still open, by the way. GO! READ! GIVE LOVE!

The Wedding Present by donutsweeper
Jack Harkness/Robert Chase with some lovely BDSM. Mrrrrowwwww. real!Jack

Marlene In The Tardis by laurab1
Jack/Rose fluffiness. real!Jack

This snippet by beta_goddess
Jack/Gwen lust. real!Jack

Talking Dirty by filthgoblin
RPS-John Barrowman/David Tennant.
WOOF!!!! A few of my favorite kinks for these two, especially the ACCENTS!!!!

Some RPS from old_blueeyes, who wrote some delightful limo!smut featuring Robert Sean Leonard and Jesse Spencer. HOLY SHIT! Why has no one done this before?

Beautiful, dirty delicious Smut/Angst from House & Wilson written by little_missmimi

What Happens In Tijuana by vanillafluffy.
Heroes fic, and the title should give it away. Yeah it's exactly what you think it is...and it's FUCKING HOT, but if you have an incest squick, this ain't the link you should click.

Practice by crashgirl82
Peter/Elle-Fun with electricity (and other things) when Peter was in "custody."

Windows by 51stcenturyfox
Tosh/Rhys-Toshiko goes after Rhys to get back at Gwen and it TOTALLY ROCKS! (I love Bitch!Tosh more than you can imagine...now all we need is a fic with bitch!Tosh and real!Jack)

Lots of awesome real!Jack fic appearing in the Torchwood/Dr. Who porn battle, even in the threesomes, some of which actually treat the canon so-called relationship exactly as it should be. Discerning real!Jack lovers can pick their way to the good stuff pretty easily.

Here's one which really stood out, a threesome with Jack/John/Gwen. (YUMMY!!!)
You Don't Own Me. by ebineez01. (I'm still reading through the whole porn battle, so future pimpage may be forth-coming.)

Movie fic-Quills

Title: Le jeune Curé ou Foi douloureusement examinée by drunken_hedghog
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Quills
Warnings: Non-con, Psychological and Physical Torture, Drug-use
Disclaimer: Quills should, by rights, be the property of the Marquis De Sade. But until he claims it, it belongs to Fox and Doug Wright. Not me.
Word Count: 3000~
Summary: Set before the events of Quills, the Marquis de Sade welcomes the new Abbé to Charenton.

This way to brilliant fic, but PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS!


The closer we get to the CA&C, the more real!Jack fic we need. Keep fighting and writing for the cause, people.
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