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In which I am shallow....

But damn our President looks fine in a tuxedo!


Note to my cab driver:

OK, you were there to pick me up when I had a bunch of groceries to get home, which made me happy. I was willing to put up with your extreme aftershave and the blaring techno-music, because I needed to get home. However, was it completely necessary to take out your Iphone and WATCH YOUTUBE while you were driving????


Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

That's right. The thing's been off the air for six years and I'm just starting to watch it now.
Hubby put it on the Netflix queue and we started the first disk last night. No strong opinions yet, except what I already expected which is my reactions to various actors based on their other work. Buffy is Erica Kane's daughter, Giles is Coffee Guy and Angel is a very young Seeley Booth. (Plus there was OMG Carmine G. at the beginning of the first episode.) Also, pretty much everybody is annoying. Yeah, I like angst, but not adolescent angst. So I'm mostly using it as back-ground noise.

If I get passionate about any characters or ships, I'll let you know.


Hubby can now move his leg 90 degrees and he got a hair-cut.


House fic is typed up and off to beta. WHEW!!!
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