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Hair Day/Karaoke

Except like an idiot I forgot to take my benedryl before I went to Oakland so by the time we got to brunch I was a sniffling mess because of Sebastian's evil devil cats. AND THEY KNOW IT!!! They give me that LOOK everytime I come over.

But my hair looks great. Sebastian did that magic trick where he blows it straight and since the nasty roots and grays have been covered up, and I've got the goddess nails going on, I looked pretty spiff when we got through traffic on the Bay Bridge and arrived at the Mint.

I hung with Jim, Yanni, Donatello, Shane, Clash, George. It was Father's Day, so my Daddy Song (for Daddy Dave) was Time of the Season by the Zombies. "What's your name. Who's your Daddy?"

I also sang A Little Bit Me, A Little Be You-The Monkees, Sweets For My Sweet-The Searcher, Wild Night-Van Morrison, Lovers Who Wander-Dion.

After that I got the sushi for hubby and came home.

We watched the second disk of Buffy. I'm still not in love, but I gotta say I found "The Pack" episode really disturbing. The episodes where the "horror of high school" metaphor is most anvillicious are the ones that bother me the most. What I can't buy into is the whole Buffy/Angel dark, brooding, tortured love thing. Not happening for me.
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