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Little Bitty Pretty Pimp Post


The countdown goes on, but real!Jack is still making appearances.

Two Double Drabbles from the delicious and delightful drunken_hedghog. One is Nine/Donna and one is (SQUEEEEEEE!!!) Jack/Owen featuring real!Jack. No smut, but lots of snark and no doubt regarding what he really cares about. YUMMY!!!! Go. Read. Give love!

Hot off the presses: Boom Boom Pow
Cute little ficlet, showing that real!Jack lives. (Includes J/I and Gwen/Rhys, but really Jack/Gwen.)

One from the vaults of the Chelsea Drugstore.
Perception Filter
Very angsty Jack. Missing scene from Journey's End.


Life on Mars
You Can't Always Trust White Light by iwant2believe2

Sam in 2006 being haunted by a certain ghost from 1973. Not overtly slashy, but plenty of angst, and lots of snark from the Guv.

Royal Pains
Horse of a Different Color by vanillafluffy.
New fic for a new fandom. What can I say? CUTE!!! Even if you haven't gotten into the show yet, go do a Wiki read-up and then read the fic.


House MD
lillithisbitter is doing the Stump the Author meme and I won myself a drabble featuring Cameron and Wilson. Hot stuff, and just a little bit cracky.

The One Where Wilson the Manslut and Cameron Get It On

The Heart of the Matter by pwcorgigirl.

Written for the ppth_support Drabble Challenge for Failure to Communicate.

Remember the heart patient that House prescribed Viagara for? pwcorgigirl tells the story beautifully.

Original Fiction

Heaven Knows, a vignette by my lovely friend toddyboi. Written for the Song Lyric Prompt Posted here

This is toddyboi's first time sharing his original fiction, so we'd both appreciate it if you went over and offered your opinions.
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