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No Ana Marie Cox tonight! (BUMMER)

She was scheduled to guest host for Rachel Maddow, which I was totally looking forward to, just to hear some major snark about Governor Mark "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" Sanford, but she just tweeted the following:

Whew. MSNBC canceling all regular primetime programming tonight. Headed home to tend to Hank, who has a cough.

F/Y/I-Hank is her totally adorable PUPPPPPPEEEEEE

I can only assume that the same MSNBC, who couldn't be bothered to put two guys in the studio to follow the Iran story last weekend are going to go All Michael, All The Time, at least for tonight.

Plus it's Friday, which means there's no Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. It's going to be a bleak night of tv at Chez K-gal. Hopefully we have back-log of NCIS and BONES on the TIVO, and maybe something from Netflix in the mail. We started the 3rd disk of Buffy last night, which contained my favorite episode so far, The Puppet Show.

Hopefully this means more time for working on the Novel and possibly the last real!Jack fic that I'll be posting before the CA&C is televised.
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