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We're going to see Star Trek---FINALLY!!!

Fandango tickets confirmed for 105PM at the Metreon.


Happy Pink Saturday! It looks like we're having good weather, so all the folks who've come into town for Pride can be out in the street and appreciate the glory of our beautiful city. I hope it holds for tomorrow. I won't be out for the parade itself, but it can either be miserably cold or miserably hot, neither of which is generally conducive to a happy, healthy pride celebration.

I'll be at the Mint in the afternoon to party with all the celebrants and take note of how many Michael Jackson do or do not get sung.


Did anyone watch Countdown last night? There was no Rachel Maddow show and therefore no Ana Marie hosting the Rachel Maddow show, but Keith was on, doing a lot of Michael, but also back to crucifying Mark Sanford, Coultergeist and the wench down in Missouri.

Keith had an interview with Deepak Chopra talking about Michael ("he was like a brother and I loved him.") but mostly about the whole Hollywood culture of providing drugs to celebrities etc etc. Keith seemed way more upset about this than I would have thought, only because it's not like this is a big surprise. Then he seemed pretty giddy when the show got back to "normal" Coundtdown stuff, including the five legged puppy, and the chance to trash all the potential Republican nominees. (Sanders, Gingrich, Palin, Jindal, etc etc.)


OK, the big reveal...after the first season of Buffy, my ship is.....(drum-roll please).............Giles/Angel. (That scene where Angel showed up at the library....mmmrrrrrow.) I'm thinking this is a mixture of "shipping the pretty" along with my prejudice for "grown-ups," plus the obvious tension in their positions, and the sheer unlikeliness of anything happening, "canon" or otherwise.

(Guessed by dref22)


I'm still futzing around with chapter 5 of my novel and I'd been having trouble "hearing" one of the character's voices because I haven't seen the person I based the character on for quite awhile. But I've had a bit of an epiphany that this character can also sound like Fornell, so now things can proceed. Except I'm caught up in the mental writing of the last real!Jack fic I'm going to post next Sunday before the LJ vacation and the CA&C, however that's a ficlet and I'll probably just get it down in my notebook when I'm at the Mint tomorrow.

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