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Star Trek-The Review

Wow! That was a whole lot of movie there.

And not in that 20 minutes of looking at the New Enterprise, 20 minutes of looking V-ger way that some of us STILL have nightmares about from Star Trek: The Still Photograph. I mean that was a lot of damn action going on, most of it pretty damn cool, and a bit of WTF-ery where the plot completely fell apart if you thought about it too much.

House-connection: Jennifer Morrison as Kirk's mother. Thankless role, but well done and YAY for Jenn.

I didn't even recognize Wynona Ryder! How sad is that? (Although I don't know whether it's worse for her or me.)

Quinto did a really good job. I was completely able to not see Sylar, which I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do. Unfortunately I cannot look at John Cho and NOT see Harold.

I'm still honestly not sure how I feel about the Spock/Uhura canoodling. I think it's nice that there's no longer ANY of the sturm und drang over interracial snogging that affected Kirk and Uhura in Plato's Stepchildren, BUT it didn't feel very in character given that Spock STILL has his angst about his human mother. Also...I feel it was one of those things where the reveal was done more for the shock effect, rather than giving us any build up or back-ground. Also, it's either the directing or the dialogue or maybe the acting, but "Tell me what you need" didn't work for me at all, and the transporter scene was great for the Kirk reaction, but again, not so much for being in-character.

Definitely felt the Kirk/McCoy way more than the Kirk/Spock and I liked Karl Urban as McCoy a lot. If they continue the series from this reboot, I'd love to see him get something like McCoy's back-story in Mantrap or that we get to meet the ex-wife. (No, not just for Kirk/Bones slash angst.)

My absolute favorite thing in the movie was Leonard Nimoy. I thought it would be embarassing to see him in the part at his age, but it was absolutely beautifully done. Sometimes there's nothing like watching an old pro to really bring out the goose-bumps. Whatever else you can say about JJ, and there's a lot, he knows how to let an old pro do his thing and get out of the way. In the scene with Quinto, you could really feel the love and respect. That was absolutely gorgeous.

Checkov...did we have to? If it's not the 60's and it's not a BIG DEAL to have a Russian on the ship, then WHY go for the heavy accent, complete with jokes about it?

Simon Pegg as Scotty...again, I had doubts. Now I just want to cuddle him. (And the alien he was hanging out with.)

I suppose I need to say something about Chris Pine, but right now I'm just feeling him as more generic 90's/00's snarky action hero, rather than James T. Kirk. I know he couldn't go all Shatner on us and get away with it, but there had to to some way to get a little more Ol' Skool in there. Also...just not my type. I kept thinking I was looking at Christopher Egan. Just...generic. No particular dislike or hatred, although his attempts at Kirk-like swaggerism came off a bit lame. (I kept thinking, "who do you think you are, Jack Harkness?" even though I know James T. Kirk was Captain Jack long before there was a Captain Jack.)

Am I the only person who feels obliged to call the Chris Pine fangirls "Pine-nuts?"

The ending absolutely killed me. Next time I hit a "When was the last time you cried?" question in a meme, the answer will be "When I heard Leonard Nimoy saying Space, the final frontier... and heard the original Star Trek theme. If they'd gone through the whole movie and not played the original theme once, I would have been pissed, but hearing it really got to me. Absolutely perfect.

So yeah. It rocked.
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