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Putting in my bet right now for Fifth Story on the Countdown for Monday

Which is the story in the #1 spot.

Check out this lovely smack-down on CNN's Reliable Sources between Dana Milbank and Nico Pitney over one of the questions asked at the President's press conference on Wednesday.

(Shout out to my dad who LOVED Reliable Sources and used to send slightly stalkerish fan letter to Howard Kurtz.)

Those of you who are sane not obsessed with Keith Olbermann or politics and pundits in general, may not remember that Dana Milbank used to be one of the regulars on Countdown until this happened during the campaign.

Given the fact, that people are already tweeting about this, including Ana Marie, who posted this gem: TEH AWESOME in a schadenfreude burrito drenched in kickass sauce. Inventing drinking game now. and also given that Keith is NOT a "forgive and forget" kind of guy, I'm putting on my K-gal the Magnificent hat and predicting that this will fester all day today and tomorrow, be the #5 Story on Countdown and I'm going out on a limb and saying that Chris Hayes from the Nation will be the guest brought on to talk about it, unless Keith gets Nico Pitney himself, although Nico's more likely for Rachel.
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