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So much for my career as seer, sage, soothsayer....

The Nico Pitney/Dana Milbank story did not make it onto Countdown as an actual story, but Keith did get it in on "best persons" along with a very snide dig at Dana.

For your viewing pleasure.

If it had actually happened on Monday, it might have made it into the main line-up, but by yesterday, it was more important to get back on the Sotomayor story and Iran and Sanford et al. (Plus more about Michael Jackson than I want to hear at this point, but I love Keith pointing up how OMG inappropriate the old man really is.)

Meanwhile, Rachel was still on vacation and instead of Ana Marie, we got Allison Stewart, who got to do all the LGTB stuff that Keith didn't even mention, except to promo that it would be on Rachel. hllangel thinks he might have messed up which awesome, being fired for being gay, Lt. was going to be on the show. We thought he might have said Lt. Daniel Choi, (seriously adorable Asian guy) but in fact it was Lt. Col. Victor Fahrenbach, very sweet looking bald guy, with nice eyes and chin dimple. He wasn't allowed to wear his uniform to the meeting with the President because he superiors told him that it was considered a "political event" and that wearing his uniform would be inappropriate.

There was also a report about the incident in Fort Worth, and Kent Jones had some great shots of the NY Pride Parade.

It was an awesome Jon/Stephen night. John have Oliver Sachs and Stephen had Neil deGrasse Tyson. Lots of fun and they both dealt with the Michael Jackson as "sensitively" as one would expect.

Speaking of Rachel....she's on the cover of Pride 09, The Official Magazine of Interpride 2009. Nice interview inside as well as some other tasty tidbits. I snagged a few extra copies, so if any Rachel-lovers out there are interested in getting one, let me know and we'll figure something out.


Shout-out to joanne_c Every time I hear the name "Nico Pitney," I keep imagining a certain impossible love-child and it makes me think of you. :)
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