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I'll do anything to avoid working: Today Meme

Ganked from [info]tourmaline1973

Today is: Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Today I got up at: 630AM
Today I have been to: work
Today I have spoken to: Steve, a guy in the elevator, a few admins.
Today I have made: an attempt to clean out my pocketbook.
Today I heard the news that: Michael Jackson is going to be buried at Neverland.
Today I daydreamed about: A perfect Torchwood world where Jack is real!Jack.
Today I am happy because: I figured out a perfect little drabble to make it happen.
Today I am sad because: Canon will still suck.

Today's T-shirt: Emerald Nuts Across the Bay 12-K 2004
Today's footwear: The big ugly Jolly Rancher Watermelon colored Crocs.
Today's socks: None
Today's undies: Victoria's Secret briefs. I think it's gray and blue, but I'm not sure.
Today's jewelery: none
Today's breakfast: toast - Chocolate milk.
Today's lunch: probably a sandwich from Focaccia. Lately I've been all about the mortadella and provolone on ciabatta with some tomato and a little basil.
Today I have also eaten: nothing since I woke up.
Today I have drunk: the chocolate milk.

Today I have listened to: Steven talking to his partner, Mike.
Today I have watched: people walking by my office door.
Today's websites have included: LJ, Twitter, Dreamwidth
Today's computer programs were: Sabre
Today's desktop wallpaper is: Ana Marie Cox's pupppppeeeeee, Hank.

Today 1 year ago: I was still working at 275 Battery.
Today 5 years ago: I was working with Dean, although it may have been close to the end of the road and I would have been on that ill-fated trip to Wheeling West Virginia.
Today 10 years ago: Still at Getz! (SOB!!!) Everybody starting to get in a tizzy about Y2K.
Today 25 years ago: Pretending to go to college. Everyone was kind of burnt out on OMG, it's 1984.
Today 50 years ago: Battle of New Orleans was the #1 song.
Today 100 years ago: (Keith would like this one.)
Forbes field in Pittsburgh hosted its first event, as 30,338 spectators watched the Pittsburgh Pirates lost to the Chicago Cubs 3-2. The last game there, played on June 28, 1970, saw the Pirates beat the Cubs, 4-1.
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