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Oh Happy Day!

If only because I can turn the page on my Torchwood calender and this month there is nothing that needs to be covered up. WHEW!!!! (Rhys does nothing for me, but I can look at him without rage and revulsion welling up in my soul.) Things look pretty ok for the rest of the year. The last picture on the bottom of December still screams to me, how much Jack wants that threesome and the fuzzy long shot allows the interpretation that John was actually trying to sneak in an on-camera grab of Eve's boob.

If there's a Torchwood calender next year, I'm not getting it. One has to assume that with only three cast members left, one or more of the main pictures would be the Puke Promos. That's not something I'm spending money on, and I'm not getting any more John calenders until there's an "official" one that's not one of those cheap-jack, long-form, spiral tops with no space to write anything. Considering the somewhat faltering state of my Barrowmania, I'm not sure I'd get one anyway, but it's definitely not happening unless I know there's an actual quality product to be had.

In even better news, it turns out we have Friday off. Steve and I were under the impression we'd either have to come in and do nothing since the Law Firm is closed or that we had the choice between taking a vacation day or taking an unpaid day. We emailed the regional manager and it's NONE OF THE ABOVE!!! Paid Holiday! This is fabulous in the extreme.

I walked to work this morning. First time I've been able to do that in a long time. I was twenty minutes late to work, but co-worker is forgiving and I basically don't give a shit anymore.

I've quit Crunch (bastards are still going to take another month out of my hide) and joined 24 Hour Fitness ($29.00 per month) and the plan (hahah) is to start there on Monday.

Theoretically, I should start a new sugar/caffeine detox today, but I might put that off until Sunday and start it with the LJ vacation and the gym-going on Monday.
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