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Happy Anniversary vanillafluffy

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Four fabulous years of Jools-lusting, exchanging fic comments, going through the storm sof "real life," and sharing our crazy love for certain hotties from the Golden Age of Television Machismo (and the hot cars that go with them.)

Relationships like this are one of the reasons I keep hanging around here, even on the days when I have to wonder if there's any point to fandom or LJ at all!

Thanks sweetie, for being there.

The love Ms. Fluffy has written Ian-fic for the occassion!

For those who don't know:
Ian is the character played by Hugh Laurie in Flight of the Phoenix. If you've never seen it, you should rent. Not only is Hugh made of awesome sauce in a supporting role, but all you Supernatural fen will get to see Jared in one of his earlier parts.

Giving One For The Team

And a retrospective of some of my favorite fics by vanillafluffy. Help celebrate the festive occasion by reading and commenting!

Horse of a Different Color-Royal Pains. (I recced this in the last pimp post, only my low-blood sugar addled brain identified it as a Burn Notice fic. DUH!)

Over 21-Stephanie Plum fic written for yuletide.

Act of Contrition House MD, one of my favorite House/Chase fics EVER!

Bad Fairy House MD/SPN crossover.

For more of her wonderful fics, in many, many fandoms, check out her Fanfiction.Net Page

Champagne for everybody!!!

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