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A day late and certainly a dollar short

How many female vocalists does it take to sing "My Funny Valentine?"

All of them, apparently.

Thanks, we'll be in town all week.

I'm off the hook for the seminar I was being sent to tomorrow entitled:
"The Managing Emotions Seminar" however now we're all too busy and the idea of Ray temping for me tomorrow was enough to make nauseated.

We're doing the bookings for a big meeting in NYC and everybody has to fly coach and everybody wants to upgrade and most of the flights they're using are already sold out for upgrades. Not happy campers.

I'm getting out of this hell-hole to watch last nights episode of House MD, which I've been told has some good EEEEEEEEEEEE moments.

Speaking of EEEEEEEEEEEE. I've managed to break my General Hospital addiction again thanks to Stepehn Colbert. Let me explain-TCR is a total guilty pleasure and hubby doesn't get it. So I've been Tivo-ing it and watching in the early
AM which used to be General Hospital time. Free at last, free at last. I'm not even buying the soap rags anymore.

"We got stars directing our fate and we're praying it's not too late Millenium"
What the hell does that even mean?
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