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Last glimmers of hope before the CA&C

Spoilers for Radio Play: Torchwood-Golden Age and Children of Earth.

The usual warnings for the usual reasons. It's my LJ and I'll rant if I want to. Nothing triggery unless you're a J/I schmoop fan.


And it ain't me saying it, it's some of the hard-core J/Iers reactions to this exchange:

Duchess: Where have you been all this time? Surely not Torchwood...
Jack: Cardiff.
Duchess: Cardiff, yes, of course. Mm. And what a lot of aliens must choose that as their first port of call.
Jack: Oh, you'd be surprised. We've got a rift.
Duchess: Oh, if only we had one of those, I'm positively jealous.
Jack: Of the rift?
Duchess: Perhaps. Mr. Jones, he's very good-looking is he your ah-
Jack: *abruptly* Assistant.
Duchess: No doubt.


Jack could have identified Ianto as more than assistant. He didn't.

Clearly Jack always has at least one assistant within Torchwood at any given time and none of them mean more than any other one, and none to be given pride of place or the right to expect that they won't be sharing.

Exactly the way it should be. And FWIW, I'd feel the same way if it were Gwen or Owen or Tosh or Suzie, and if any of them were canonically in that position (which I'm convinced Suzie was) and they attempted any of the clinging, possessive crap that has defined Lord High Whiney Butt, they'd be the objects of my ire as well, although I'll be honest and admit that only GDL is physically offensive to me.

Gloating rumors indicate there will be OOC schmoop in the next one, as preparation for the final CA&C.

Tis a pity, but remember people, this is SpartaJack. The other stuff is what's being given to the fandom by RTD's Mary Sue fetish. NOT what would have happened if Jack were still being written by Moffat or anyone else who understands him.

And just to read a few more entrails before the horror show on Monday:

I mean we all know what the Puke Pictures say, but in the three-shots, especially the first one, Jack NEVER looks at Ianto, and the message is clearly that he's had Ianto, he wants Gwen and if Ianto doesn't get with the program for that threesome soon, he will be left warming up the trick towels. (Yeah, I know about Preg-Gwen. Doesn't phase me. Wouldn't phase real!Jack.)


Special note to Anon looking for fic rec, assuming you weren't just taking the piss, and even if you were: This is ME bashing Ianto. Loud and clear. No disputing that. As long as the anti-ship goes on, I want him gone and forgotten. However, I have never written a character-bashing fic, unless you count some fairly unkind things that House and Wilson said about Cameron in my early House-fic, and if you want a rec, the best thing to do is write a "real!Jack" fic. If it's Jack/Owen or Jack/Gwen or Jack/ABI, just make it clear that Jack is Jack. It can even be Jack/Ianto itself as long as it's real!Jack. (Clouds In My Coffee is a good example.) If you don't want to obviously break your Anon by getting in touch, you'd probably do best to post at torchwood_decaf, since torchwood_slash and especially torch_wood are little more than J/I fan enclaves these days.


Special note to stalkers in general-The vacation starts Sunday night as close to midnight PST as possible. Keep watching this space (which I know you are) for further information, followed by lack of it.
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