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Documentary Film Team Seeking Interview Subjects-Bay Area

We are a San Francisco-based team of filmmakers producing a short documentary that explores how the economic downturn is an opportunity for per sonal transformation and positive social change. We are shooting interviews in Northern California during July 2009. We are seeking three kinds of interviewee subjects to be featured in the film:

1 - Individuals who have been directly affected by the downturn - job loss, home foreclosure, living displacement, career shifts - but have still found the crisis to be an opportunity to reassess what really matters in life and have made long-term positive changes.

2 - Professionals and advocates who work in real estate, credit counseling, career counseling, mortgage lending, social services or finance and who work DIRECTLY with people who are dealing with the negative effects20of the economic downturn.

3 - Authors, bloggers and cultural commentators who can discuss current trends and the significance of personal transformation and related stories.

If you are interested in being interviewed, please write to interviewopportunity@gmail.com or leave a message at (707) 317-1476.

Describe your situation and background and why you would like to be in the film. Please provide your age and specific location in Northern California. We will contact you if we are interested in learning more about your story. Thank you!

Please note that a ten minute version of this feature has already been produced and we are seeking to further expand on these themes. "Re:Invention" is available online:
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