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So let me see if I've got this right. (Radio play spoilers/CoE Spoilers....

And the usual reasons for J/I fans not to read.)

So, it's been at least three years since Ianto first whored his oh-so-heterosexual ass to Jack for Lisa and not much less than that since the much-vaunted Stopwatch scene and Ianto is still basically in the position of standing by unconscious Jack's bed whinging about watching him sleep with no idea how Jack really feels about him. He does this whole monologue, in spite of the fact that I'm supposed to believe that Jack Fucking Harkness is actually being monogamous AND that Ianto is not being portrayed as a whiny, clinging character, but is some sort of kick-ass Welshman. RIGHT! (And the fans swoon.)

When Jack wakes up he throws him one bone of exactly one line (similar to the one in TTLM) to get him to stop whining again. (Both Ianto and the fans swoon.)

Wow! Who wouldn't want to be on board a ship like that.

Hey, at least House and Wilson take turns hurting each other, and as long as Wilson has the potential for a wife or girlfriend, he has some power in the relationship besides passive/aggressive emotional blackmail.

I understand there will be further bones in the CA&C to come, but I think most of them will be by-passable with any clear thinking and a knowledge of who Jack really is. Obviously RTD has abandoned that in the name of his Mary Sue, but the canon subversion will be fairly easy for the non kool-aid drinkers.

(I already have the first drabble ready for a week from Sunday.)

"You'll never be just a blip in time, not to me."


REALLY? You think Face of Boe is sitting in that jar thinking of Ianto?
And who the hell is writing this crap? Betas, would you let your writers get away with that? That is some of the worst bad romance novel rubbish I have ever heard in my life. How is that not Sue-ish?

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