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She's a complicated lady, that's why I call my baby Moody Blue

I look like crap. Remember all the new clothes and good intentions about looking professional? Black jeans. Polo shirt. Black hoodie that says "The Strokes". I didn't even bother trying to brush my hair because it would just frizz out and thanks to my oh so smell-sensitive co-worker I can't wear any hair product that might give offend her olfactories-as in ANYTHING. And I'm wearing my Crocs. The only reason I can get away with this is that only people who might notice and actually say something are down in Laguna Niguel for the Partner Offsite.

Despite yesterday being a truly scrumptious day of comments on the past three fics, especially the "Jealousy" story, something started bugging me last night and put me back in the bad place tossing and turning so that I could barely get up to make myself presentable this morning. I'm taking it out on the world with fic, so the next post will be a nastygram.

It's also specifically spoilery for Half-Wit, so unspoiled UKers should avoid.

The poll is still open so go ahead and vote for your favorite House/Inaminate Object pairing. And don't forget to read daasgrrl's addition to the insanity: Inanimation
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