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Ten Jack Harkness/ABI fics.

I'm pretty sure I've recced most of these at least once before but these are ten fics by ten difference authors showing Jack being real!Jack. Something to tide you over if you need a real!Jack fix during the week ahead.

Sublimation by the_silver_sun
Warnings: BDSM
I love this fic as a perfect example of being extremely hot and kinky and showing exactly how much Jack wants and cares for Owen, without needing to cross the line to schmoop.

Mine by joanne_c
One of my earliest “imprints” in the fandom and still one of the hottest things I’ve ever read in my life. Even reading that title gives me shivers.
Warnings: Dirty talk, rimming, Daddy kink.

Well, Tomorrow We’ll Wake Up Entwined In Red Tape by paperclipbitch
Awesome fic showing Jack at his bastardy best, going up against a real challenge in Pre-Series 1 Suzie.

Jack/Jools Siviter
Trespassers Will Be Prosecuted" by haldane.
Warnings: BDSM
Torchwood/Spooks crossover.
Jack goes up against another Magnificent Bastard-Jools Siviter of MI6
Serious hotness ensues.

Jack/Captain John
So Bad by the_summoning_d
John’s POV, but not the needy, “Ianto-ized” John that so often gets written.

Lots of fun. Slightly crackish and oh-so-Real!Jack.

Jack/Lady Christina
Pros and Cons by 51stcenturyfox
How much fun would these two have together? And who would out-con who?

If by the_summoning_d
It’s a drabble, but it’s sweet and hot. (And besides---Bryan Ferry prompt!)

In Your Eyes by laurab1
laurab1 writes all the TW and Who-verse pairings beautifully, but I truly worship her Jack/Estelle.

Actually, the word you use is 'available'... by aeshna_uk
One of the first fics I read when I fell in love with Captain Jack and still one of the hottest. What absolutely, positively must have happened before Jack and Rose went to find the Doctor.

And because it never gets old for me, the fic that started it all:

Just The Two of Us
Jack/James Wilson (Torchwood/House MD crossover.)
A true classic of angst and smut.
Warning: Rimming
Bonus: Fifth Doctor appearance.
Tags: doctor who, fanfic, jack harkness, pimping, torchwood

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