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Just a song before I go....Last post before LJ vacation.

Anyone who wants to keep me up to date on any fic or personal posts for the next week, please send me email or PM. I'm not going to log in at all. I'll answer comments I get after the week is over.

I'm sorry to have to go away from those of who you have nothing to do with the Torchwood situation, but it's happening.

Dedicated to the Jack/ABI fans and real!Jack believers. (That's my friend Frank doing one of the solos.)

To all my friends and stalkers:

This is not a “flounce.”

In fact, I’m taking a week away from LJ for my own emotional well-being as so many of the stalkers have suggested, and don’t think I don’t appreciate the concern. In fact, to protect myself from the horror, I’ve also changed all my wallpapers and passwords so that I can dwell on this abomination as little as possible.

If in fact, all the spoilers are bullshit and there is clear evidence that Jack Harkness is actively pursuing other men and woman as he should be, feel free to let me know via email or PM.

Because if there is no such clear evidence, then Capt. Jack is a pod person. Any sane person knows that there’s no way in hell that Jack is going waste his cock on the same sad, played out orifice over and over, when there is a whole world full of other beautiful men and women and aliens he hasn’t had yet, starting with Gwen Cooper and ending with anybody else.

So enjoy the destruction if you can, squee over the slash for slash’s sake, if you must, and I’ll be back in a week to write and encourage the necessary canon subversion. Because no matter what abomination in the way of schmoopy-oopy curtain-buying twu-wuv is perpetrated, we can fix it in the fic. And we will. That’s what torchwood_decaf, jack_and_gwen, jack_owen, available_very, jackmartha and theoretically torchwood_slash are there for. (Unfortunately at this point, torch_wood is nothing more than a glorified J/I fan club.)

Just to remind you of what, is possible no matter how hideous the “canon” gets HERE are a bunch of fics, written by truly awesome writers covering multiple pairings, including crossovers. Some of the writers geniuinely like Ianto, but all of them can see the light about Jack.

And here’s my latest humble offering: The Friendly Stranger, putting together Jack Harkness and Jackie Tyler.

I’ll be keeping up the song lyric prompts via Dreamwidth and posting on Twitter.

Enjoy the fics and the song and the show (if you can) and I’ll see you in the week, and then the Wake for real!Jack and the fanfic resurrection will commence.

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