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"Loser" H/W, H/Cam NC17 200 words (The angst is back.)

Title: Loser
Fandom: House MD
Wordcount: 200 exactly
Rating: NC17
Pairings: House/Wilson House/Cameron
Notes/Warnings: Spoilers for "Half-Wit." One of my "moody" fics, so watch out. Thanks to kj_draft for the look over and suggestions. Crossposted like crazy. Comment crackwhores unite!

Wilson can tell everything from the expression on Cameron’s face. He doesn’t even have to see the marks; he knows exactly what House’s whiskers can do to soft skin.

It’s possible that House was only toying with his pretty fellow and her sentimental streak, but the vision of House kissing Cameron makes him feel sick. Especially when he remembers that House didn’t bother telling him about the cancer.

He spends the rest of the day avoiding House, trying not to think of the two of them together and ends up with a mind full of increasingly pornographic images. By his second improbable trip to the men’s room for relief, it’s Cameron’s body he can’t stop thinking about. The mixture of pain, pleasure and unadulterated smugness on her face as House fucks her again and again and again, but she keeps looking at Wilson, knowing what she’s taking from him.

His hotel room brings no sleep until the telephone rings. It would have to be her telling him that House is fine. Fear, frustration and anger melt into gratitude and by morning he’s ready to forgive anything for a chance to be the one with that expression and those marks again.

Tags: drabble, house/wilson, housefic

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