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"Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires" H/W Rating-R 200 Words (more angst)

Title: Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires
Fandom: House MD
Pairing: H/W
Wordcount: 200
Rating: R
Notes:No specific spoilers. Un-beta-ed. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Why do you force me to do this to you?

House isn’t an idiot although he’s starting to believe he might have been a fool.

He knows bad sex when he’s having it. It still feels good because a hard cock has no conscience and his is never harder than just before Wilson does that thing with his lips and tongue that momentarily obliterates all of the pain. Wilson is so skillful that it’s taken House months to realize just how much he hates doing it.

Wilson had guessed early on that Stacy was an anomaly, the hookers were a lie, and the jokes weren’t really jokes. House had always suspected that Wilson’s so-called friendship was even more screwed up than either one wanted to admit. He’d given into Wilson’s emotional seduction only after he won the concession of a physical one as well, thinking he’d finally won the jackpot.

Now they’re both stuck.

House knows Wilson loves him, but can’t take much more of this. There will be another woman. Someone soft and sweet who can give him what he thought he could live without. Wilson is an idiot, but House is a fool because he’s fallen in love.
Tags: drabble, house/wilson, housefic

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