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Back to gym...

This was my first gym day since hubby had the accident on April 23.

It was also the first time I'd done anything with weights for longer that than because my achy-breaky arm had been bugging me for at least two months before that.

I managed to get up and out and over to 24 Hour Fitness by about 8:00AM. I basically did a circuit of Cybex Machines at fairly low weights, just to get myself back into the groove and see how much weight my arm could handle.

Just getting up and doing it, rather than sleeping in felt like a big step. The fact that hubby is ok with my not being there when he wakes up means we're getting closer to the end of the tunnel.

Week two of caffeine/sugar is going pretty well. I think going through so much emotion last week (which I still need to type up) got me through the worst of it.

I managed to get my House fic posted and start following LJ again, but didn't do all the comments I wanted to and didn't get to work on the Torchwood Week Saga because damn it, I actually had to do some work.
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