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Two femslash drabbles. CSI & CSI-NY

Title: Cold Sweat
Fandom: CSI
Pairing: Catherine/Sofia
Rating: PG-barely
Wordcount: 150
Written for femslash100 Challenge 106-Air
No spoilers.

It’s a hot one, even for Vegas. Catherine’s blouse gets soaked crossing the Luxor parking lot and the blast of air-conditioning as she enters through the sphinx goes from comfortable to bone-chilling in nothing flat. A lifetime in this town and she still forgets to carry a sweater.

Sofia is waiting for her along with the body of a female tourist who was found under a roulette table and assumed to be a passed out drunk until the pit boss tried to wake her up. As always, Sofhia looks completely professional, sleek, as cool as the air itself. Catherine wonders if she ever lets herself get rumpled and sweaty and thinks it would fun get her that way. Then she notices Sofia’s gaze, which is not on the victim or the possible crime scene, but focused on Catherine’s chest.

She hasn’t felt this naked in public since she stopped dancing.

Title: Main Squeeze
Fandom: CSI-NY
Pairing: Peyton/Lindsay
Rating: PG-Barely
Wordcount: 100
Written for drabbletag2 at femslash100
Prompt: coffee requested by paperclipbitch
Spoiler if you don't know who Peyton is.
Special thanks to Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook

Also available at:

Summary: Peyton misses the 80's, among other things.

Peyton’s first album was Squeeze’s “Singles 45s and Under” stolen from her older sister. Twenty-five years later, she’s got those same songs on her iPod and she’s sharing them with a girl named Lindsay who’s rather too enamoured of Faith Hill.

Aside from her appalling taste in music, there’s nothing about Lindsay that isn’t delightful to see or touch and Peyton takes every opportunity to do both. That Mac, with his detective skills and insight, hasn’t noticed, makes the affair especially alluring.

Even in Mac’s arms, she can’t help thinking of Lindsay’s lips full of passion, and coffee in bed.
Tags: csi, csi-ny, drabble, drabbletag, femslash

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