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Good Morning Star Shine!

No walking or getting to the gym today. :(

I had to hang around until the laundry opened so I could pick up one of Hubby's utilikilts. I still hate the damn things with a vengeance, but as long as he's wearing the brace, they are the most practical thing for him to wear out, and he's got a P.T. appointment today.

By the way, stalkers, Hubby says hi! He thought the bi-polar comment was very amusing.


While I was avoiding LJ and hanging out on Twitter, I found out about Whuffaoke, which if I understand it correctly is someone in a Winnebago going around the country doing Karoake. HOW COOL IS THAT? And today they're in San Francisco and I'll be heading over to Citizen Space after work to hook up. It'll have to be pretty hit and run since Hubby will be waiting at home for me to show up with food.

My personal dream, if I sell another novel or win a vast amount of money in some other way, would be to do a Karaoke tour of Asia. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Phillipines.


Thanks to hllangel, I now know about Kick It To Rachel, a Youtube channel that posts all the throws from Keith Olbermann to Rachel Maddow as Countdown segues into the Rachel Maddow show. I know there are issues with shipping Keith and Rachel, but if you watch a bunch of them, the adorability factor is just irresistible, even if it's only for "friend-shipping".

Last night's was really incredible. It fed off of a story (worth seeing in its own right) about some yahoo in congress who was introducing legislation to ban human/animal hybrids. (NO, I'm not kidding.) That Keith to say something about mermaids....hilarity ensued: (Keep a special eye out for Keith's expression. PRICELESS!)

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