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Weird thoughts....Torchwood & House MD

The heartbreak of psoriasis being jerked around by TPTB.

Contains spoilers for Torchwood-Children of Earth and House MD Season 5.

There's some major generalizations about segments of House MD fandom ahead. My apologies in advance.

Addiction is a progressive disease. So after being off LJ for a week, my addiction has progressed to the point where I'm using far more than I was before the break.

Right now I cannot stop myself from reading every Torchwood Post-CoE rant I can get my hands on. I'm just devouring the stuff, and obviously there's a lot of it. I'm only reading reactions to days 4 & 5 and then the whole thing. No point doing the days 1/2/3 since that's mostly the stuff I was avoiding in the first place.

I'm not going in and making any comments on these posts, except one ocassional where I took exception to the assertion that Jack has gotten over the Doctor, or even gotten over being left behind by the Doctor. The poster and I had a good exchange on this.

What's weird about this phase of my obsession is that Torchwood isn't even my main fandom. House MD is. It was House/Wilson that brought to LJ and back to fandom as an active pursuit in the first place, and as I'm reading the reviews and metas, and especially how betrayed certain people feel, I'm sort of reminded of the reactions to the two major ship contingents for House as the season ended.

This was supposed to be the season of House and Cuddy. David Shore, Katie Jacobs, and Lisa Edelstein, all gave interviews saying how this was the season the relationship was going to develop and that the House/Cuddy shippers would be very happy. Every snippet was devoured with glee by the House/Cuddy shippers and growled at by the House/Wilson devotees.

In the next to last episode, Under My Skin, it appeared that House and Cuddy had slept together. This made a certain section of the House/Wilson fandom furious, some because of the sex itself. Our slash pairing may not be "canon" but it's got so much chemistry and subtext and occasional fanservice that is nearly impossible for those wearing the slash glasses not to believe there's something going on and even non slashers tend to see something there, even if they only call it friendship. However, the big issue for some of us, wasn't really the sex. House is a canon straight character. There are those who hold out hope for a canon slash relationship, but most of us are happy with the subtext. (I'm always happy when one of them is having a sexual relationship, because of the angst factor.)

What had a lot of shippers (OK, ME!) pissed about the episode was that it also appeared that House had abandoned Wilson emotionally and was going to Cuddy for not just sex, but help with his addiction to Vicodin. This was a betrayal of the House/Wilson dynamic, as it was being set up in that very episode. We were furious. And the House/Cuddy shippers were deliriously happy and in some cases, not very pleasant about it. I'm sure the House/Wilson folks (OK, ME!) weren't always adorable either.

Cut to the following week, season finale, Both Sides Now.

Guess What? House didn't sleep with Cuddy. Didn't get emotional succor from Cuddy. Yes, he did have a sexual fantasy about her, but nothing happened.

Instant table turning. Relief and even jubilation in the House/Wilson side of the equation, as Cuddy literally turned House over to Wilson and it was Wilson who dealt with House's breakdown, and was shown dropping him off at a mental hospital.

What happened in House/Cuddy land? In some cases, "yeah, ok, that makes sense," but in others.

Etc etc etc!

Ah fandom. The joy, the pain.

To take the analogy just a wee bit further...

I realize that what House went through isn't quite on the soul-destroying level as what Jack went through in those five episodes (and everything that's gone before) but in a more reality based realm, it was pretty bad, and he is at the end of the series, "broken." (Mmmmmm where have I heard that phrase before.)

Am I out on a limb here, or is House hallucinating to the point that he thinks he needs help (something he's spent 4 seasons studiously avoiding) not completely different than Jack needing to skip out on the same planet he was all about saving before?

Which also leads to the hope/likelihood/probabilty that when next we see either of them, there will already be some healing done and each on their way to the lovable bastards (of very different kinds) that we know them to be?

And more thing:

Back in 2007, I wrote People & Things a House/Torchwood crossover, which put House & Jack together for some smutty good times. It wasn't exactly fluff, but it reflected Doctor Who/1st Series Torchwood Jack and 1/2nd Series House, so it's a lot lighter than the state either character is in right now in terms of their respective canons.

(If anybody wants to know what I mean by "real!Jack," I'd say there's a good example.)

Is a sequel in order? I'm avoiding writing any fanfic for the rest of the month and then I'm starting my Halloween costume, but if there's an interest in my two favorite characters having a rematch for some mutual Hurt/Comfort, I'd like to know. Or not, because I love that story as it is and I like thinking about them like that, even though there was a touch of melancholy about it.
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