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What's everybody sitting around for....

OK, that would be me.

Anyway, I've managed to get a lot of picking up and throwing out done in the bedroom. Resorted my old New Yorkers. Took down a load of cans and plastics for recycling. Took out a load of laundry and did dishes. Hubby did some dishes too, after I thought I'd gashed my thumb with a knife.

Watched the TDF stage this morning. Now I remember how much I hate Lance Armstrong. And why. Regulars at the Chelsea Drugstore will note that I do not shy away from hate. I embrace the hate. Fictional characters and public figures as well as those who cross my RL path and piss me off.

I haven't really followed the Tour since the Floyd Landis year, and my "hate plate" got filled with other things, but for about three years, I had a serious hate on for Lance Armstrong, and I tended to love, embrace and identify with anyone who was in opposition to him. I also hated anyone who supported him, and wanted to smack Bob Rolle for his blatant sycophantism. I couldn't even listen to Sheryl Crow for a couple of years there.

Now he's back and I'm back and I hate him all over again. Who do I want to win the Tour? Anybody But Lance. I doubt I'll get that one.

OK, time to open the Beta Shop. That should take up most of the rest of the day.

Tonight we're having dinner with our friend Jean, who was such a god-send during the week after the accident.

If you have seen any of the "Autotune The News" videos....you should.

Here's the most recent. Check out Wolf Blitzer's eyes for extra LULZ.

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