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Awesome dinner at Il Cantuccio with Jean.

I can't tell you what a geniunely sweet person she is. Just one of those whose presence in my life is a gift.

Hubby and Jean split a panna cotta for desert, but I'm still clean of sugar and caffeine, so I sat trying hard not to to look to pathetic.

Overheard on the way home. Conversation happening in back of us on Guerrero Street.
"That doesn't sound like an arrangement. It just sounds like being a slut."

Time to watch Eureka and do more beta.

Going another 10 rounds with the stalkers at who_secrets God forbid I insist on standing up for the fact that Jack has wanted Gwen since the first episode and still has feelings that could resurface at some point. EEEEEEEEEEE!!!! HERESY!!! (Thanks to the one anon who chose to stand up for me.)
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