karaokegal (karaokegal) wrote,

Slight heresy, last night's press conference--kind of a snoozer!

Maybe the novelty of having a president who answers the question in detail and speaks in coherent sentences is wearing off. Or maybe it's just hard to make the nuts and bolts details of getting the health care legislation passed all that exciting, no matter how desperate and compelling the need for the legislation is.

In fact, I thought the only really perk bit was at the end when he was asked about the Henry Louis Gates incident and he joked about trying to break into the White House and probably getting shot, which isn't particularly funny, but for some reason cracked everyone up.

Also, Keith is still out, which meant we didn't have a good punchy Countdown as a lead-in. Rachel's show afterwards was awesome, and not just because she looked amaziing in the white jacket.
Tags: barack obama, countdown, journal, politics, rachel maddow

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