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CoE Day 3-Now With My Own Eyes

Warning time. I'm doing the happy dance, so the usual people should avoid for the usual reasons.
Including spoilers for the whole series.

Hey, Dick Maynard (Nicholas Farrell)! Good to know you can be forced to resign due to the machinations of Jools Siviter, and come back under a different name and become PM.

Jack is right---the track pants are doing nothing for him.

Scene at Hub 2-Tell me again who’s got the warm comfortable slightly sexy relationship?

Jack and Ianto on opposite sides of the couch-Gwen able to get quite comfortably between them. Jack looking at Gwen with affection and admiration when she launches the thieving plot. Jack smirking about spilling the baby beans. Jack high-fiving GWEN after Ianto fetches the clothes.

Please tell me they do something to sterilize those contacts before Lois wears them. Nothing against Gwen, personally…Just anyone…cause you know….grosss.

STFU IANTO-Once again, Jack doesn’t want to talk about it. And if you’re going to bug him about watching you die and going on, then you deserve what you get. (You're the one who say he'd watch you get old. I think he was being overly nice not correcting you about your presumptuousness that he'd hang around that long.)

JACK QUOTES THE DOCTOR from the single shippiest Jack/Doctor moment of Utopia. (Oh yeah, he's totally over the Doctor. RIIIIIIGHT!)

Ianto practically quotes Captain Jack in the CJH episode: Might as well make the most of it…and nothing happens.

That’s your “gagging for it?”

That’s what I’ve been terrified of since GDL shot his self-aggrandizing mouth off? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

My apologies to those who berated me for commenting before I’d seen it myself. You’re right. I had to see that with my own eyes. So much better than I could ever have hoped for. (And apologies to those who had to put up with my whinging. Who knew it would be so much NOTHING?)

Jack looked barely interested. Barely. It’s Jack Fucking Harkness. He really wants it…no beans gonna stop him. Since you’re referencing CJH, you could have some hand sex, a hug, a look. THERE WAS NOTHING!!! It’s a big damn warehouse. They could have had a moment. Jack could have taken him out somewhere in the car. NOTHING.

And once again, Jack leaves without telling Ianto ANYTHING.

Directing all the creepy kids to talk in unison must have been a treat.

EWWWWWWWW! Pukey aliens.

Peter Capaldi is doing a great job. It can’t be easy to try and black-mail a pukey alien and then getting set up by the PM. He may be playing a different character, but Nicholas Farrell can do smarmy politicians like nobody’s business.

Once again, the American President is pissed about the British PM getting to talk to the aliens first. (The Master would be most amused.)

Notice how riveting this stuff gets when it’s about the actual plot and has none that awkward J/I rubbish. I didn’t look away from the screen for last 15 minutes or more. Absolutely brilliant suspense, in spite of my knowing what would happen.

RTD, MORAN et al---great job.

Looking forward to tomorrow…for so many reasons.

EW.Com interview with RTD
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