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CoE Day 5-Now with my own eyes.

The usual warnings to the usual people for the usual reasons. Spoilers, happy-dancing and a few words from the hubby.

Gwen sounded and acted more honestly broken up about Ianto’s death than Jack did.

The children are drugs. How is this different than the sex gas alien from Day 1. Is it that hard for aliens to get high? I’m sure John Hart could fix them up. For all the horror that ensues from this point, and what happens to Frobisher et al, it’s still hard to care as much as I should because the basic premise is so stupid. Either that or I’m deliberately not caring because it’s too painful. Either way, I don’t care.

“I can’t stand to look at her anymore.”

Oh, how much have I LOVED the anti Gwenners and hard core J/I fans using this line as some sort of indication that Jack doesn’t have feelings any feelings for Gwen anymore, if they’re willing to admit he ever did. UH GUYS? Not so much. Clearly he can’t stand seeing her in pain and knowing he’s letting her down. You DID see the hug he gave her, while telling her to save the niece and nephew. I think he enjoyed that. And although I know things get worse, he doesn’t seem nearly as broken at that point as some people have indicated.

Hey, I don’t blame Gwen for Ianto being a liar. You want to fanwank that Jack knew the truth…fine, but I doubt the “everything” that Ianto said he told Jack included that little tidbit.

Gwen/Rhys/Andy—no, I don’t want threesome fic, but they are certainly doing some serious ass-kicking. I will agree with those who though Andy’s gay remark was out of place, but not enough to jump on the RTD is homophobic bandwagon.

Evil government bitch gives me a smile by shooting smarmy government scientist. Jack gives me a smile by giving Evil government bitch a smile. Sorry guys, he is really not that shattered right now. And it doesn’t seem to be all “let’s avenge Ianto.” More like, let’s stop the pukey aliens from hurting the children. I know RTD SAYS he had to kill Ianto for it to happen, but I think the ones who don’t believe that are right. It really didn’t affect Jack’s decision at all, at least not in the “you killed my woobie, now you suffer” way. It was the only option to beat the enemy and he took it. Basically a grosser version of Jasmine and the faeries, with a little karmic payback a long the way.

Pukey aliens drive a hard bargain.

Hubby points out what others have. Nice way not to scare the kids there, Gwen.
He also said that sacrificing Steven showed that Jack really was a better man than all the politicians and generals who were willing sacrifice other people’s children, but not their own. He also agrees it had nothing to do with Ianto.

Bye-bye pukey aliens.

OH GOODY. Coup in the PM’s office.

Six month’s later.

Broken Jack.

Still smiling at Gwen. Still joking with Rhys. She put on a new strap for him. Rhys paid for it. AWWWWWWW.

I’m sorry guys. I don’t see that ending as saying Jack doesn’t want Gwen or is any way “irretrievably” broken. I still love that Ianto was mentioned AFTER Steven and as part of a list. Not even a special emphasis. Jack’s been traveling. (And you KNOW he’s been shagging.) He’s heading for HIS DOCTOR, whether he knows it or not.

Rumors that BBC has renewed Torchwood for a 4th Series. If confirmed, we know he’ll be back. Which means either Jack/Gwen or Jack/ABI, and that means, I WIN, and all the real!Jack/ABI fans win.

Feel free to join me in the happy dance.

Final verdict from hubby-"It wasn’t depressing; it just sucked!" When asked for further comment he said, “It wasn’t entertaining, it wasn’t moving, it wasn’t enlightening. It had no redeeming qualities. Poorly written as well."

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