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Today is the first day of the rest of my Post- CoE life!

Which means while I'm still pretty euphoric, I need to stop obsessively reading the post-mortems, especially the more hysterical ones. There will be a little more basking in the glow of the JB/DT snog from Comic-con, and news that there will be a Series 4 of Torchwood. But in general, it is time to move on. There are other fandoms in my life...time to start the obsessive build-up to the next season of House MD, and see if I have anything new to contribute to LoM and SoP fandoms (the ones that generally DON'T make me miserable). I've made a bit of progress on the novel this week and will continue to push through on Chapter 7. And don't forget it's only three months to....HALLOWEEN! I'm starting my costume fics in about a week.

I'm happy to hear any more thoughts you guys have about CoE and the fandom meltdown and what will happen next, but hopefully this will be the last post about the topic...hey, I said hopefully.


Here's what happened in San Francisco this weekend-among other things.
The San Francisco Marathon-I wasn't there. I was sleeping. When I woke up, I went out and did 90 minutes of hills around Delores park. My legs are not terribly happy with me today. That last circuit was brutal.

Afterwards, we watched the last stage of the Tour De France, where Lance only coming in THIRD made me almost as happy as CoE. I know he was still on the podium, but he didn't WIN. And when it's Lance, you take what you can get.

Then we went to Andalu for Brunch...OMG--GUYS????? Aioli sliders with .....wait for it.....shallot rings. I'm not even kidding. And fruit salad, hold the mint flavored simple syrup. (Starting week four off sugar and caffeine.)

Dore Alley Street Fair-This is the leather and kink fair for those who find The Folsom Street Fare too mainstream and commericialized, but I understand that due to heavy police presence there were no public blow-jobs this year. I wasn't there either. (Hey, if you're not gonna have public blow-jobs, why bother, right?) I did see some of the guys at the Mint later on. Donatello insisted on showing me his red underwear for no apparent reason.

Speaking of the Mint...

First week of the Karaoke Entertainer of the Year Contest-I wasn't there. I tried one of the contests last year and it's just not my cup of Bailey's Irish at all. Believe it or not, I'm generally not a Diva and I'm not going to do the kind of songs you generally have to do to win those things. They don't even have a show tune category, which is the one I'm most likely to Diva it up in.

So I got to the Mint just as the contest crowd was letting out, but the bar was still pretty full. I grabbed the seat by the front window and spent the night hanging out with Jim and Yanni, which was snark central baby. So much fun. Due to crowd I only got two songs in.
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out-Bruce Springsteen
Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart-Mark Almond/Gene Pitney. (Yanni was so jealous that I had a disk with the long version.)

ETA-I had an awesome conversation outside the Mint with Ben (and then Ben the bartender showed up as well.) I impressed him with my Fangirl geekiness about various things Science Fictiony. Conversation did drift to Who and Torchwood and I quoted him RTD's "Go watch Supernatural" line, at which point he said SPN was the worst show he'd ever seen in his life. So I hugged him.

Went home and made Rice-a-Roni for hubby. Watched some Buffy. Went beddy-bye.

Guess where I'm going after work tonight...See next post.
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