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The Pimp Post is Back!

Starting with a Jack/Doctor double in honor of John and David's delightful snog at Comic-Con. (My Dr. Who RPS OTP is triumphant!)

The Boy From Nowhere by hllangel. Post CoE-Jack and the Doctor. Superbly real Jack and the New Doctor. An appearance by the new companion as well, but her name has been Jossed since the original posting.
This is a beautiful story, showing what Jack's likely path after the events of CoE. Because few things make me happier than Jack/Doctor. Especially from a Song lyric prompt.

Bonus: I Know Him So Well. hllangel's stunningly crafted video showing (again) who Jack really loves. Jack/Doctor all the way, to the recording by John Barrowman and Daniel Boys. I know there are other videos to this song for other pairings, but hllangel was there the fustest with the mostest and it suits this pairing absolutely perfectly.

Reboot, a lovely drabble that vanillafluffy wrote for me. My Torchwood OTP and no spoilers. Dare I say it's...fluffy?

What Her Eyes Can Do by ebineez01.

Jack/Gwen ficlet. Pre-CoE. Very sweet and a bit hot. From this Song Lyric Prompt.

And here's some Jack/Gwen porn from laurab1

Plenty in This Game, For Two in a Bed.
Pre-CoE. HOT. HOT. HOT. Sequel to Boom Boom Pow, but not necessary to read that one first.


And because there is more to life than Torchwood/Who.

American Idol RPS

Pocket-Sized by amproof.
Hot smut on the bus with just a smidge of angst.


House MD
A Voice In Ramah (Welcome to Holland) by ignazwisdom who wrote the House/Wilson classic A Modest Proposal. This isn't quite as epic in size, but it's a beautiful, absolutely in character story about Cuddy having a baby. This is nearly perfect fanfic in that it takes something the "real show" did abysmally and makes it work brilliantly and beautifully, with everybody beautifully in character and YAY, an appearance by Stacy. It's one of those, "I can't breathe till I finish it" fics, so take a deep breath before you start.

I know pretty much the whole fandom has already read and loved this, but if you missed it, go now. Read. Give love. You might like it even if you're not a House-frau. It's so well-written that it practically transcends fanfic and fandom itself.
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