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Take me out with the crowd.....

The ball-game was really awesome, although due to hubby needing a more accessible seat (he was on the crutches) we didn't get to sit with the other "Stitchers." As it turned out we got much better seats, and were shielded from some of the fog that came in late in the game. Obviously it was cold, but not nearly as bad as good old Candlestick. (BRRRRRRRRR!!!!) If you've never been to AT&T Park, I gotta tell you, it's just lovely and we were looking out onto the Bay.

The Giants won 4-2 and Tim Lincecum pitched a full game and got 15 strike-outs. Ivan was our resident baseball authority filling hubby and I in on the finer points that we didn't know as more casual watchers. I ended up calling him "Casey."

At one point, I even got the note-book out and did some writing. Hubby actually put on a pair of jeans and put the leg immobilizer on over them. No Utilitkilt. He says he did it for me and I did appreciate it.

BEST PART was seeing Barry Bonds. Sue Burns who was married to the majority holder in the Giants died on Friday, July 19th, and they did a tribute to her on the field before the game. Her daughters threw out the ceremonial first pitch and the catcher was.....BARRY BONDS! He and Sue were close friends. I'm not sure there's another ballpark in America that Bonds can walk into, but at AT&T last night, he got nothing but cheers. He's ours and we still love him.

Of course, after the game they played Tony Bennett singing I Left My Heart In San Francisco. (Because we won.)

Getting out was a bit of hassle, but we did make it and managed to get a cab on Brannan Street, mostly by playing the cripple card. Our cab driver was a bit sports fan, and we had a lively discussion of the Niner's chances for the this year. (HAH!)

Anyway, an awesome little adventure for a Monday Night.
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